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I am most interested in the evolution of consciousness and enjoying being in my body and on the planet. Using altered states of consciousness for healing is a life long quest. Helping others evolve to the highest level available to them is my passion. I also love to ski, hike, river raft, soak in hot springs and appreciate beauty and nature. I love my husband, my wonder dog Osage and my family of friends. View my complete profile

Full Super Moon July 12 2014

Photo credits Rebecca Lacey The moon became full today at 5:25am MDT. This moon is a Super Moon which means that it is a full moon coinciding with perigee(the moon’s closest orbit to the earth. Scientists tell us that this … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice June 2014

The Summer Solstice occurs on Saturday June 21st at 4:51am MST.  At the Solstice, the sun is at its zenith.  The hours of sunlight are at their longest and shadows are at their shortest. Summer Solstice is time to celebrate … Continue reading

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Full “Pink” Moon April 15 2014

Pink Full Moon April 15 2014 Drawing by Sue Schmidt 4-13-14 The moon becomes full April 15 at 1:42am MST. This moon is called the “Pink Moon” because now is the time the pink phox plant begins to bloom delighting … Continue reading

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Happy Spring Equinox and a Meditation for You

Happy Spring Equinox!   Today is the Spring Equinox! At the Equinox nature is at its most balanced. There are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The sun rises due East and sets due West. So if you … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Virgo Sunday March 16

The Moon was precisely full at 10:10am MST. When we see the full moon tonight it will already be waning, altho it will look full. According to the Western calendar, this is the final full Moon of winter. From a … Continue reading

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Valentine Moon: Full Moon Fri. Feb. 14

The moon becomes full on Fri. Feb. 14 at 4:54pm. This full Moon rises around sunset and sets around sunrise. This is the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long. Normally, the … Continue reading

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Levels of Intuition: Downloading Non Local Information from the Field The ancient tradition of Chi Kung tells us that we are surrounded by a field of energy. This field  of energy exists inside of us, all around us and is the “stuff” the universe is composed of. It connects … Continue reading

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