Full Moon November 17 2013

full moon nov.The moon becomes full at 10:16am on Nov. 17.  Here in Louisville CO. the wind is whipping clouds over the face of the moon and leaves are swirling in the darkness. It feels very alive!

During meditation tonight I got in touch with the crone or powerful old woman. In my vision she carried a big stick and walked through the frozen woods vital and alive!

Old woman with cane

This painting is by Atanur Dogan)

The American Indian names for this moon are: 

Moon When the Rivers begin to Freeze-Lakota
Moon of the Brown Leaves-Cheyenne

The Farmers Almanac calls this moon the Beaver Moon. One explanation is that the this is the time the trappers wanted to set their traps for the winter. Also, the beavers build their winters dams now.

Go out into the night and embrace  the aliveness of the moon, darkness and stars! 

Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT


About Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT

I am most interested in the evolution of consciousness and enjoying being in my body and on the planet. Using altered states of consciousness for healing is a life long quest. Helping others evolve to the highest level available to them is my passion. I also love to ski, hike, river raft, soak in hot springs and appreciate beauty and nature. I love my husband, my wonder dog Osage and my family of friends. View my complete profile
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